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A Note to Catch Up

During these dog days of summer, the days when the birds caress my spirit on evening walks and the rays part the dappled clouds to wash over my skin with the sunset, it is easy to get lost in the fleeting time. I have savored vacation days with my family, time sharing the crisp breezes that fall from the mountains to flow across the valleys, and the feel of cool water dancing down goosebumps on arms and legs then warmed by the sun. These times have stolen my writing hours with no one happier than I to have lost them.

I wanted to check in, none the less, and jot a quick post here to assure you I have not forsaken my drive. On the contrary. I am stockpiling moments to share when I am once again drawn to the warmth of my home and a wood fire. Images of summer and shenanigans fill my memory banks so that I may cash them in when I am no longer busily earning them.

Although progress is less measurable on the revisions of my book, the pages are growing more complete each week. With such inspiration in my daily play, it has been easier to flesh out vibrant detail and soulful prose. A picturesque evening on the porch of an historic hotel, watching the sun fade behind the mountains, sharing connection with my editor has given me renewed energy and momentum towards the work I will publish in due time. With the publishing industry slowed by the current global circumstance, I am allowed a bit more time to add depth and character to my already brimming pages.

I look forward to joining you more often, here, after much sun-delivered vitamin D intake and livening of my muscles.

Until then, play hard and long. Enjoy these days that offer mountain flowers and gushing waterfalls. Cherish the dinners shared on back porches and drinks flowing between friends. Before we know it we will be back here sharing time and fellowship.


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