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A Memoir:
Finding Self Through Friendship

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This memoir holds within its calloused hands the comradery women long for, set against vivid and enduring depictions of Montana character. Katie Dawn shares the hilarity, haunting, and healing of her life experiences, set among the close-knit community of five women that helped shape her – The Posse. Monthly gatherings for Wax Night become the backbone of their friendships and offer the freedom to bare all. Katie’s writing style balances sass and sarcasm with deep and raw vulnerability as she articulates the distilled feelings of trauma and gratitude often found too difficult to express. As far-reaching as the Big Sky, and yet as intimate as a conversation by a glimmering campfire, these pages become friends that remain with a reader long after the last page is savored

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Wax Night In Montana is now available. 
Followed soon by the second book in this series,
Raising Pups In Montana.

Praise for the book:

"An entertaining memoir that will leave you laughing and crying as well as connecting with the strength and bond of women."

"I am left with salt dry tears on my cheeks and so much gratitude for the depth of vulnerability and sharing!  Reading your book has been a wonderful gift to me and a turnkey moment."

"I am inspired to erase my dark corners of bitterness with deep and intentional connection... and self love."

"Your book feels like a companion to a personal re-birth or re-entry of sorts, wonderful in its vision of the truly important."

"Yes, Yes, Yes! I would recommend this book. As a matter of fact, I've already told a couple people that they will need to keep an eye out for it.  Let's be honest, they'll be receiving it as a gift."

"I was impressed with the author's voice.  It comes through clearly as feminine, with the unmistakable Montana DNA of bravery, soul, grit, and modern woman."





Raising Pups In Montana
the Strength we find in ourselves as Mothers
     Motherhood is one job that requires more strength and fortitude than any other. Of course, I'd been told this was the case before I chose to become a mother. I found the best way to survive motherhood is to find strength in numbers.

     The infamous Gray Timber wolves have continued to successfully navigate the environment in which they live. The pack mentality of the wolf is one built upon the understanding that sharing the work of raising pups is necessary for survival.

     I've become part of an incredible pack of women, all mothers. We join together in raising our feisty whelps, share the weight of constant worry, and find strength within ourselves we were previously unaware was possible.

      As I regale the trials and triumphs of myself and my five closest friends, I highlight the ways women can support each other in motherhood. Whether raising our children in a democracy or a dictatorship, the stories we share of surviving and ultimately cherishing our babies are moving with emotion and hilarity.



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