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Thank you for joining me here, and allowing me to share a bit about myself.


I'm a native-born Montana author who rejoices in crimson sunsets reflecting off of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. I love the smell of spring rain washing the grounds clean, and have an equal affinity for the nostalgic aroma of horse shit and unmistakable essence of a horse's lather.


I savor delectable words and find within writing a space to marry introspection and outward inspiration, raw authenticity, and the irreverent, sacred potential of femininity.

Before you get too wrapped up in an idea that I'm delicate, put together, feminine - let me assure you, the shadowed spaces of my soul are the only delicate parts of me.


Delectable words come in both sweet and spicy, and I'm fluent in both. Sarcasm has occasionally been identified as my second language, though takes some wizardry to adequately present in print. Someone, please introduce a sarcasm font that will catch fire across the globe so I can properly present myself as funny as I truly am.

My love affair with the West started within the community of small-town Montana in which I was raised. Growing up here forged both hardship and joy in abundance. Many of my childhood neighbors still inhabit my heart today.  

Instilled in me, from a young age, is a deep love of adventure and the exploration of nature. Many an afternoon I've trekked through the mountains, my spirit elevated by the ripples of energy that breathe off of the emerald lakes nestled in their arms.

The most tenacious love I have is for my family and friends. I treasure my husband, and am eternally grateful for his companionship. I had long admired this long-legged bareback rider, with his chiseled jawline and dusty cowboy hat. It took many requests to get his apprehensive ass out on the dancefloor. But, once I did, there was no going back. We were wed in a small community center in rural Montana.


I cherish the two boys we ushered into our lives and can not believe the ways they fill my heart.


I'm also surrounded by the love and support of a rare sisterhood of friends I hold especially dear, and for which I am eternally grateful. They have inspired me to open myself to the world, be courageous in the telling of my story, and find confidence in my ability to do so. They've also inspired in me an insatiable appetite for laughter, comradery, and shenanigans.

Should you be out in Montana and pass me by, tip your hat and say hi! Or drop me a line anytime. 

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