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Passing The Time

It was a beautiful weekend here - sun shining, a pleasant 65-70 degrees, and daffodils blooming in the front yard. John and JD took the four wheelers and 22's out to see if they could find some gofer hunting opportunities. Cooper was running around with the neighbor girl, wearing a hearty smile - socks and no shoes (me cringing at the wash), having a great time. We celebrated John's birthday and Sammy and I made a brownie/peanut butter/ice cream roll up for his birthday cake. It was delicious! I embraced my computer and some renewed energy to get back to writing. Not too shabby around here.

I have been able to concentrate on getting back to the book the last couple of days. The fog must have lifted from my brain/heart just recently to allow me the pleasure. An editor meeting today will further my compulsion and enthusiasm, no doubt.

I am renewed by springtime weather and the late-evening giggles from the back yard as our puppy digs trenches in the would-have-been garden alongside the boys and their Tonka trucks. There is something heartwarming about poking my head out the door after dark and having to coax the kids inside for bed. Ahhhhh.... deep breath of contentment.

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