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Mother Nature is Moody

Mother Nature sure has been moody these days. This Saturday it was a hot 90 degree day. Not being used to such warm weather, we about overdid it in the sun. It shown down through the new leaves and speckled the lush grass. I could smell summer's arrival in the freshly-mowed lawns and fragrant lilac blossoms. I heard the multitude of partying birds in the bushes along our fence and the shrill giggles of the kids playing on the trampoline with the sprinkler spouting from beneath its bouncing fabric. What a spectacular day!

I should have savored the succulence of the day.

Early Monday morning the only thing I heard was the scrape on my windshield as I removed the frost so I could go to work. It froze overnight and I saw my flowers curled in upon themselves, sheltering their cores from the cold. The birds, now puffed and shivering their feathers for warmth, were quiet and sullen.

It is hard for anything or anyone to acclimate to a 60 degree change within a 36 hour time-frame. From tank tops to parkas! Springtime in the Rockies.

Nothing like the added ups and downs of the weather to add to our already tumultuous lives.

The certainty of the sunshine once again blessing us with a day to behold is reason enough to look forward. The first day of summer is coming this Sunday!

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