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Let's Get Real

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Alright, I know I talk a big game when it comes to the things I value and the ways in which I feel we can implement certain tips and philosophies to improve our lives.


Let’s get real, here.

My life ebbs and flows with the rest of yours. The things I have shared so far are very much ideals toward which I work. They allow me a target, a goal that seems achievable if only in the day to day implementation of one small thing at a time.

My life can be a terrible mess, sometimes… OK, maybe often. I have two young boys and a full-time job. I have a husband that has his own ups and downs. I have family that comes with their own luggage (both metaphorically and in a literal sense from time to time). I juggle many things, as do the rest of you. There isn’t a day that meets all these idealistic thresholds. Not. One. Day!

What I have to remind myself, and what I hope to remind you; I can do one thing each day to move in the direction of these goals. I am always a better person today than I was yesterday, if only because I try.

This morning I woke up to my alarm and pushed the “off” button instead of the “snooze” button, for example. I knew it. Did I jump out of bed in order to ensure I was not late? Nope… I laid there, saddled by exhaustion. I took a chance. I played Russian Roulette… I finally woke again at 8:03am. I lost! Work, after all, starts at 8am sharp. Ugh.

The day before, I came home to a sink full of dishes, no idea what to make for dinner to feed my “starving” children, and was slowed to a crawl by crushing fatigue. The boys had not walked their dog and my 11-year-old had quite an attitude. Did I handle that situation with the utmost grace and understanding? The answer may be in the question. 30 minutes after I walked in the door, both my 11-year-old and I were crying.

There was even one day I went to work, having showered and gotten the boys ready for school and out the door, and it wasn’t until I was at my desk that I realized I had not rinsed the conditioner out of my hair. I couldn’t even get the routine that is ingrained in muscle memory right that day.

I tell you these things so you allow me the grace to share with you the ideals that come to my heart, the things for which I strive, the inspirations that stir me to be a better person today than I was yesterday. I ask you to grant me understanding - knowing that I, too, struggle through most days.

Even so, I still strive for an incredible day tomorrow where all the stars align and I feel like I am winning in life. There may even be a day I get out of bed, ready for the day, complete all my morning chores in a timely manner, set out a perfect dinner plan for the evening, come home in a great mood, and fall into bed still wearing a smile.

Don’t laugh, it is possible.

Introspection seems to translate into momentum for me. To savor the thoughts and inspirations that come to me, to flesh them out in detail, to bring to them vibrancy and color, is my way of moving a step closer to the ideals I sculpt. Implementation certainly takes more diligent effort, but at least I am identifying the magnificent lessons that warm my heart.

I hope sharing this introspection might stir inspiration and momentum in those who read them. I hope the vibrancy and color translate into joy in others’ lives… even on days where they can’t get out of bed… especially on those days.

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Moira Spicer
Moira Spicer

Yes, very real!! I do not know how you cope with your busy schedule but no shame in having difficult days or hours. No shame at all.



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