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I am delighted to share with you my debut book, Wax Night In Montana, as well as my meandering thoughts on the inspirations of everyday life.  I'm a happily married, working woman and the mother of two boys. 


As such, I crave comfort and support. And sanity.


I value those in my life that tolerate the fact that I've earned my humility through my own ignorance and stupidity, and who accept that... well...

I continue to learn in such a manner.


I cherish the laughter, joy, and motivation life brings forth.


On occasion, I reward myself for my daily mundane labors of love in front of a crackling fire, wrapped in a plush blanket, with a moving book and a glass of wine in hand. Or, I wrangle the girls and we join in a raucous evening of music and dancing.

If you, too, pursue these things in life, join me.

I relish the company.


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