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With Humble Gratitude

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

During this week of gratitude, I want to share with you how incredibly humbled I've been by the show of support and excitement this community has offered during the launch of my book, Wax Night in Montana. I'm so grateful for the love. Thank you for listening to my words with your souls, cherishing my story with your hearts, and finding wings of inspiration in this which has been my dream!

If you missed the launch, and are interested in purchasing the book, it's available here on my website - currently in paperback and e-book - as well as through most online retailers. If you're one of the many who prefer audio books, subscribe on my webpage so you don't miss the announcement when it becomes available. I've been working hard to make that happen yet this year!

Also stay tuned for author Q&A, Honorary Posse Memberships, and much more!

Until then, I hope this finds you in the company of those who love you for the amazing human you are. Gratitude is hard to ignore this time of year! Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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