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Why a Dragonfly?

It has been quite a journey to get to this point, and I'm finally here! I've been actively moving through the process to get to publishing and it has been incredibly exciting. I should see final proofs of both my cover and my paperback print book by next week. Eek!!

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my author brand and some marketing materials. I thought this the perfect time to introduce to you the reasoning behind my brand logo. It is near and dear to my heart, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

So… Why a Dragonfly?

Have you ever had to choose one image to represent something significant? Do you have your own logo or brand? Maybe a tattoo? Was it easy to choose the perfect color, animal, balance of light and dark, practicality vs inspiration?

It certainly took much thought and introspection for me to choose the central image for my Katie Dawn brand. There are so many facets to the way I present myself as an author.

I write distinctly as a native Montanan; with heavy strokes of western, ranching, cowboy and Native American Indian influence, and the depiction of the natural wonders I find enveloping me daily.

Added to that is a layer of depth brought about innately by my roles as a woman, mother, friend, and professional.

Lastly, my work is highlighted throughout with the brilliance of hilarity and deepened by shadows of emotion.

Just as it takes much effort to encompass the whole of a person with one image, so too was it challenging to represent the entirety of me as an author.

The reasoning behind my choice was threefold:

Firstly – dragonflies are simply… pretty badass. Like little stealthy ninja ballerinas or something. The peacock’s plus-one at costume parties.

Truly, though, they are gorgeous. With their iridescent colors and variations, and intriguing build – four purposefully sculpted wings with whisps of intricate design, and a delicate slender body – they are mesmerizing. Flitting about over the water, the sun glinting as much off the greens and blues of their wings as the ripples below, they are unique and enchanting. I’m certain there are many who, upon the sight of a dragonfly, are instantly transformed to the nostalgia of a childhood full of giggles amidst floaties, water fights, and smooth skipping rocks.

Secondly – as an author, my writing has been molded by the hands of loss. As is the case for many creatives, darkness can be illuminating. While visiting a loved one and perusing the magnet collection on their fridge, or mulling about the greeting card aisle, you may have read the saying,

“Dragonflies appear when angels are near.”

Although it seems a mainstream sentiment these days, the root of meaning predominantly comes from the Native American belief that the dragonfly is a symbol of departed souls, a glimpse behind the thin veil between life and death. In likeness, my writing attempts to transcend loss by bringing to life those who now only reside in my heart.

Thirdly – In many cultures, Mayan and Japanese specifically, this inspiring insect represents maturity, new beginnings, transformation, light, and rebirth. There are no better descriptions of how the process of writing changes my soul, my essence. With every word I meet the page anew, never the same person I was when I wrote the preceding sentence.

My short answer when asked why I have the dragonfly as a representation of me as an author is merely because they’re badass. Or possibly there was no inspiration at all, just an idle mind trying to decide when distracted by a shiny thing – a flying bug moving back and forth in front of me.

But now, truly, you know the rest of the story…

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Moira Spicer
Moira Spicer
29 ago 2021

I've just found this and it was going to be my next question. Dragonflies are a beautiful form. I had tended to see you as more grounded to the earth than a dragonfly suggests but your explanation makes great sense Thank you!

Me gusta


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