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Read all about it! OR HAVE IT READ TO YOU!!


I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Audible will take a bit longer to release the audio because they have a different review process, but you can find it nearly everywhere else (including via these links). Available on Google Play, Apple, Nook, and more.

What a journey this has been. I've learned so much about the audio book process, from start to finish. Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect voice to read your very own words, as you have felt them and molded them? Someone who puts the emphasis on just the right tones and adds the sass you had intended?

Did you know there's no sarcasm font to direct a narrator when to drip a sentence with it? Someone really should create a globally-recognized sarcasm font. It would definitely come in handy... Although, it's quite possible Times New Roman might become my backup instead of my go-to!

And those tender, haunting moments of prose - those take incredible care to be read in a way that enables the audience to truly feel the words in the depths of spirit from which we are built.

I labored over my choice for a long time. That's one of the reasons it has taken this long to deliver. So many personalities to choose from, and only a small amount of words read from which to make the decision.

But IT. HAS. BEEN. WORTH. IT!! Worth the work and the wait.

I wrote the words, y'all. I know every pause, every syllable, every ounce of emotion. I've read them a million times over. Crafted. Honed. Poured love into them, and drug tears out of them. These words are sacred to my soul. I had to get it perfect, to deliver an audio track that felt as much for these words as I did (or, as close as anyone could get).

When I listened to my words spoken through my new narrator's voice, for the first time on the final recording, I was shocked. How could this retelling make me laugh at parts I knew were coming and sob at others whose pain I'd lived with for a lifetime?

Done! Approved! Finished! Mic Drop!

Check it out!!!! It's worthy of your time and investment.

And, if you want it in paperback or e-book, follow the "Buy" link on this, my website,

Share this with your friends and family as a gift of love and compassion they will remember for some time to come.

And, subscribe to the site to get more information on the Audible release and other blog posts, information, and exclusive author insight.

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