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In Need of a Facelift

No, not me. No facelift for me. Or at least, even if I personally am in need of a facelift, that doesn't actually qualify that I have to get one. The bit of extra weight I carry rounds my cheeks and tightens my chin(s) quite nicely, thank you.

But, my WEBSITE was in dire need of a facelift.

Have you ever worked really hard on something every single day to get it the way you want it, only to come back to it after some time and realize there's so much more you can do with it? Either I've learned quite a bit since the last time I came to my website with design in mind, or my perspective has changed enough to inspire me to make changes.

I think spring has something to do with it as well. I find myself motivated to bring forth clean, crisp, colorful pictures and feelings. I'm drawn to refresh my home and the things that inspire me.

So, take a look at the fruits of my spring cleaning and take a tour around my refreshed website. I look forward to meeting you there!

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