I Can Hardly Believe It!!!

It’s official! I’ve finished crafting the Wax Night manuscript.

I can’t believe it is finished! I’ve handed my baby over, at last.

She’s currently enjoying the lavish process of a splash of color, professional styling, high and low lights, and the culminating vision of cover design. She’s also being fitted with a sleek new formatting ensemble for book printing, adding e-book accessories, and finishing off with a delightful little audio accent. She’ll be ready for the red carpet in no time.

Two and a half years ago I picked up a pen (yes, an actual ball-point pen) and put it to the buttery paper of my bed-side notebook, a nightlight dimly sharing my hours of writing. No longer was I able to fall asleep because the words of gratitude for my posse of friends swirled in my mind, relentless until let loose. My journey began while snuggled under a heavy comforter as my husband slept beside me, scribing description after description of life’s blessings.

What a remarkable, invigorating, challenging, educating, and soul-elevating trek to get this far, and I feel like I’ve only begun.

Join me in the coming weeks as I share my book writing experiences, all in anticipation of the announcement of the publishing date for Wax Night in Montana: When women gather to strip away pleasantries, revealing the beauty and depth of True Friendship.

You don’t want to miss it!

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