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Adventures and a Deadline

This weekend I snuck away from my daily grind and immersed myself in the memories of adventures such as this. Raging rapids, expansive mountain exploration, four months in New Zealand… I’ve learned so much about myself, and grown by great measures, during my escapades.

Want to join me on crisp, clear mountaintops and feel the shock of waves breaking over the raft?

I sure hope so, because today was my deadline to submit the revisions of my second book to my editor, and within it I share these experiences and the impact they’ve had on my life.

Are you good at meeting deadlines?

There’s nothing like a set date to encourage me to kick it in gear.

This is the point in my writing process where I go from a feeling of confidence in my ability to express myself on the page, to a feeling of certainty that it’s all crap… I’m told it’s par for the author course. I trust my editor to critique my words accordingly, and gently crinkle up pages to throw in the corner if necessary. Let’s hope the green recycle bin by her desk doesn’t overflow.

I’m grateful for a set expectation from my editor, because I can’t wait for you to sit beside me as I drop into the Grand Canyon, to hear your breath catch as mine does at the immensity of Denali Mountain, and to share your company while I delve into intimate reflections of the exploration of my soul.

I can’t wait!!

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