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Will you have coffee with me?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Have you felt that awkward feeling of inviting an acquaintance to get together in hopes of getting to know them better? The anxiety garnered from the possibility of putting yourself out there only to be disregarded or shot down?  The excitement at the opportunity to get to know someone on a more personal level balanced flatly with the fear of letting someone into your guarded personal life? 

Maybe you know someone at work that you get along well with and you want to extend an opportunity to him or her to get to know each other better?  Maybe it is someone you see three times a week at your Pilates class?  You are always hoping to garner greater friendships and what better time than now to quit hoping and actually put forth some effort ? 

Regardless of where I might encounter such a personality, I find it hard to bridge the gap between acquaintance and friend.  Even the thought of it seems exhausting.

Well… here I go.  Will you have coffee with me?


Let’s just jump right into it and get this friendship started. 

One thing I must tell you before you accept my offer; you won’t be afforded the luxury of judging my taste for coffee.  I will be upfront and let you know that I consider coffee merely a conduit for caffeine, cream, and sugar – and nothing else.  I don’t like coffee if it tastes like coffee.  So, if this offends your coffee-drinking sensibilities we should choose a different avenue by which to get to know each other.

Is this why my invitations aren’t accepted?

Coffee aside, I know it is hard to make connections these days.  It is hard to build friendships and bridge gaps between the actions we carry out in our daily routines and the underlying craving for connection in our personal lives. 

I also know it is worth the effort put forth!  Even if there is only one friendship that comes out of every ten invitations, that friendship can cover more ground than we might expect.

Today, I invite you to join me for coffee once a week in the hopes we can build connections in our lives that are vibrant and meaningful. Let’s explore the true nature of who we are, and what we go through as we navigate this crazy thing we call life. 

You can savor your coffee black as the night, and I will enjoy my creamy delight.  Coffee-drinking sensibilities no longer need to be our separation.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing the perspectives on life I have to offer.

Thank you for the company.

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